Our doughnuts

Small Batch and Hand Crafted our doughnuts are made with fresh, high quality ingredients. We are known for our Potato Doughnuts that are made with fresh, mashed and grown in Florida, potatoes (yep, we peel, boil and mash them ourselves) in every batch. Mashed potatoes provide our doughnut with a texture between a cake doughnut and yeast doughnut. A moist, fluffy, cake like inside with a crispier outer edge. We also make small batch yeast doughnuts and a wide variety of cake doughnuts using only King Arthur Artisan Flours, and local and seasonally grown ingredients. 





our roots




We are a small mobile doughnut shop catering to Riverside Arts Market, Special Events (weddings, birthday parties, holiday parties...etc), Pop-Ups and Custom catering orders.

The concept for Jayne Dough grew from the power of suggestion and the encouragement of the Community, which also became our business model. We love inviting you to our camper to talk about you, offer some quick encouragement or just a hearty laugh and then comforting that soul with a delicious hand crafted doughnut. 


We love Catering to Weddings, Events and Special Orders. Send us a message to let us know how we can serve you! 

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A Little Bliss in Every Bite.